My research interests follow at least two parallel pathways: a political approach from gender and intersectional historical and ethnomusicological perspectives on tango, queer tango, and contact improvisation communities development, and a metaphysical approach to relational politics, subjetivation and desubjetivation processes and gender identity ontogenesis through partner dances as tango and contact improvisation from a somatic background.

Working with dance and touch, I try to embody a philosophy of practice in our logo-centered knowledge times. This philosophy of practice is understood both ontologically and politically, seeking to develop philosophical practices, as queer practices or desubjetivation practices, which are both ethical and politically committed and which unfold new modes and ways of knowledge based in somatic relational practices, and the arts.

Belén Castellanos y Olaya Aramo ‘Queer Tango Rant’ 2016

I’m interested in novel forms of knowledge, as practice-led theory, community developed knowledge, and innovative knowledge formats, such as video-collaborations. Here you can see a sample (English subtitles available)

I frame my work within the philosophy of dance, understanding it, not just as a philosophy about the social, anthropological or institutional phenomena of dance, but as a means to give materiality to the body in philosophy, following the somatic postmodern approach to dance and popular dance as an intimate and political event which crosses geographies and bodies. Philosophy of dance means access to new forms of knowledge the awareness of which is just beginning to arise.

In the last years I’m working through the lens of the sense of touch, trying to comprehend the energies we share and how they are related to the whole ecosystem we are part of, and liking these to concepts brought from , somatics, philosophy, or astrobiology.