Tango is an improvised partnered and social dance form with a popular root and in constant renewal. It enhances a deep connection with our own body, other bodies and the music. My methodology wonders if teaching is even possible. The reality is that is the beginner who enters a path of learning. Teachers just ‘show’ different possibilities and clues achieved throughout their own learning process. They can transmit useful structures, some conclussions about the technique, or about how they understand the energy functioning between the bodies. But finallly, the learners have to find their own tango, their own way of walking, their own energy and their own improvisation skills, as well as their own love for tango.

I use resources from traditional tango and renovated tango as well as contact improvisation and somatics, deepening in physical forces, inner energy, and tango emotions and play. I research in the movement beyond movement roles, with a deep understanding of connection which seeks to make spring tango from its root, the dancing body formed by the dance couple, subjected to inertia, directionality, and to the basic structures they naturally lead to.*workshops names with links*

Credit: Luisa Llorca



My group classes aim to lead the student in a self-empowered learning process through which they will find and develop their own skills easing their bodies in the direction of tango. Because my classes are based in improvisation and partenered movement dynamics, my students are able to go to the milonga from the very first day. I focus on a technical point of view to develop physical skills, deep connection, and natural understanding of the music.


I teach private classes for any level of dancing and I adapt the material to the specific necessities of the person who wants to deepen in their tango practice. My private classes show you tango anatomy, mechanics, and dynamics, working together to identify and surpass what you perceive as your limits. I have 100% success in achieving an easier and natural tango body in my private classes. Private classes program can range since just a few sessions to a continuous training.


Besides the regular classes, I occasionally offer intensive workshops intended for different levels of dancing.

Tango, body, energy: the Earth, the movement, and otherness

‘Tango, body, energy’ is a series of workshops which focus on the relationship between fundamental technical aspects of tango such as individual posture, partners communication through breathing, kinetic energy usage, individual and couple spirals, and empathy to listen, to adapt, and to find what we need in the embrace, as well as fusion with the music unfolding improvisation in the space. This methodology is the result of more than ten years of tango practice and it combines different kinds of knowledge brought from different contemporary somatic techniques, especially anatomic, dynamic and energetic contact improvisation methodologies applied to tango movement. With these workshops, you will get a deeper experience of tango, more connected, more intimate, more intense, playful, free, and balanced with yourself, your partner, and the ronda. 

Your inner tango

Your inner tango is an introductory workshop to my tango methodology, based on the natural movement of the body. Tango is the natural partnered movement of two bodies walking together as one. Connection with our own body, the music, the Earth, the sky and the other lead us to embody the dual body of tango following the natural paths of our anatomy through the skin, muscle and bone, head, spine and pelvis, and plastic dissociation, mechanic engagement and dynamic momentum, centrifugal and centripetal forces, and core and solar plexus energies.


I have run several milongas since 2010, like La Traviesa, Vaciador 34 or Milonga at La Mala Mujer, and I have djed in other milongas and festivals in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Toulouse, Sheffield or Berlin. My musical taste is based in wide knowledge of the Golden Age orchestras, the fifties, sixties and so on, and I also play present orchestras and some pinches of contemporary tango and folklore. Their special interest is balancing instrumental and vocal tangos, rhythm, melancholy, joy and romanticism, with a vision of tango music as a form of art which is alive and will keep the crowd moving on.