As a performer, I’m specially interested in modernist and romantic aesthetics. My performances are related to gender and intersectionality through symbolism. I make use of tango, queer tango, contactango, movement, poetry, and lecturing.

With ‘El Duende Errante’, a duet with pianist Maria Cueva, we collaborate in several pieces, conference-concertos such as ‘Sonidos Exóticos para Tres Guerras’, or performatic works such as ‘El Duende Errante’ (with ‘El Trío Eureka’ and Belén Castellanos) or ‘Dorada Sangre’.

‘Dorada Sangre’, Museo Arqueológico de Asturias, 21/09/2019

With ‘Cuerpo Ficción’ I collaborated with artist Yui Black in a series of performances which address intimacy, memory, and communication through the body, such as ‘Diversitats’ and ‘Transitional Dislocations’.

With artist Dafne Saldaña we collaborated in ‘Transiciones’ a performance about different qualities of queer feminist tango.