Contactango is a dance fusion form developed in the last 15 years in Europe and the Río de la Plata. For me, it is an space for improvisation between tango and contact impro, which joints the existential, geographic and gender poetics of tango and queer tango with the deep somatic approach of contact.

Contact contributes to tango with a teaching framework for the analisys of the fall, conection through weight, anatomic knowledge and deepening in physical and energetic sensations, as well as adding solid resources for the development of an unrolled kind of movement and shared active listening. Tango contributes to contact by physical analisys of the relation between two standing bodies, focusing specially in emotion, an aspect underdeveloped in contact impro, as well as the maintenance of the pause, and other biophisical concepts such as tensegrity or energy saving, and the study of the roles of movement. Tango takes to contact la posibility of developing musicality and a specific poetic, bringing the popular and the materiality of subjectivities in movement to contact improvisation.

Mi idea of contactango is mutual enrichment, not as fusion but as the search for a space in between the two worlds, looking for what can it bring to a queer approach of both contact improvisation and tango. Contactango is for me a personal research environment to unfold my own body equally trained in both techniques, and a methodological space to share about the diversity and deepness of human connections with other bodies.



Tango and Contact Improvisation are two dance disciplines that share a lot in common and can enrich each other. In this workshop, we will explore some of their principles to look for their common essence and shared language. One of the topics we usually hear about contact improvisation it’s that its connection is based on sensation rather than emotion. On the other hand, we usually hear that tango can lead to deep emotions and connection. Contactango provides a great chance to merge these two ways of understanding connection: the physical sensations contribute to the deepening in the emotions and vice-versa. We will focus on the energies that arise from the heart: the energy floating between the solar plexus and the spine, and we will understand them as physical sensations we can play with inside our bodies, and also as energies we can learn to control, deliver and share with other bodies. We will work with the ideas of ‘feeling with the head’, ‘walking with the heart’, and ‘breathing with the sex’ to explore partnered improvisation in the context of tango as a dance form, a poetic framework, and a performative philosophy.


Based on the lyrics of ‘Danza Maligna’, a renowed tango played by Enrique Moreno orchestra, ‘The evil dance’ brings tango poetics to technical aspects of a possible form of contactango, as well as it opens up a space of improvisation where significative elements shared by tango and contact improvisation -such as walking, projection, tensegrity, pauses- and mental states favored by both dances -like the emergence of emotions, the sensuality and sexuality found in the relationship with the other, or the darkness and brightness of the encounter- emerge, unfold, and explode.